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Building a stable income and reaching total financial independence is an opportunity, not a gift, nor an utopia.

Digital Mind Academy makes the opportunity concrete: if you have dedication, the will to win and the right tools, you will learn how to convert efforts into consistent revenue with an online business.

Get ready to dive into our compact, understandable and effective series of courses that will lead you straight to what you need to be successful.

  • Highly Qualified Trainer
  • Clear and straightforward lessons
  • Goal and result-oriented courses
  • For Beginners to become Pro and for Pro to become masters
  • Includes hints & tips of marketing strategies
  • Includes success cases examples
  • 5 stars average satisfaction rate

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The élite course on E-commerce to become a successful business owner.

Discover how to create your own effective and efficient online store, and hit the global market.

In this course:

  • Basic to advanced notions on E-commerce
  • Online selling from A to Z
  • Shopify, the perfect platform to build your own online shop
  • Dropshipping, the best cutting-edge method to sell without needing a storage place for your inventory
  • Connecting results to Analytics and studying your data

The world is your new potential audience, and your products are a weapon with which you can conquer visibility and safe earnings.

Get ready to evolve professionally and exploit the potential of this ever-growing marketing channel.


The world of Cryptocurrencies is surrounded by misinformation and wrong myths.

This course gets you inside the revolutionary technologies and the legal aspects that sustain digital currencies so that you’ll have a precise panorama of the crypto context and how you can take profit from it.

Although you don’t need special IT competencies to take this course, there are several sides you can focus on to start earning.

We recommend that you put your maximum dedication into understanding the various aspects of digital currencies so that you can choose just the right one.

In this course:

  • What are cryptocurrencies and the differences between other currencies
  • What is a blockchain, the cutting-edge technology that can affect and improve the modern society
  • Decentralized Finance
  • The differences between Bitcoin and Altcoins

NFT and other main events related to cryptos


Trading may sound like a scary world for the newbies that firstly approach online earning sources.

When it’s about investing, there are always three groups of people:

  • The ones who think they’ll make millions in one day
  • The ones who think the risk is not worth it at all
  • The ones who know that earning comes from study, practice and…courage

You can guess which one is winning.

With this professional class, prepare to reach top-notch levels, even if you’re starting from zero.

You will learn how to move swiftly across the market charts and how to stay updated and which source of information is reliable for your daily trading.

In this course:

  • Short, medium and Long term trading
  • Asset entry rules
  • Stop losses
  • Finance Basics (Price, Liquidity, Risk etc.)

Techniques & Tools of Forex Trading, such as:

  • Economic Calendars
  • Charting
  • Trading platforms

Techniques & Tools Crypto Trading, such as:

  • Wallets and Exchanges
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Bollinger Bands and other strategies

Remember, be brave and mindful: invest just what you are prepared to risk.


Without brand awareness…there is no brand at all.

The study of Social Marketing focuses on identifying and riding people’s trends for specific targeted areas.

Word of mouth is a pioneering marketing channel and, today, it turned into an online practice: 4.55 billion people use social media, representing a gigantic chunk of the global market.

Those same people moved their purchasing habits online, making it fundamental to have Social Media knowledge.

In this course:

  • How to use the most important Social Media platforms to grow your business and convert.
  • Buyer Personas and localization.
  • Marketing Strategies for each platform.
  • Organic and sponsored

Don’t miss out on the current trends.


The All-Inclusive Premium Course of our portal.

This is a profound dip in the world of digital business, showing you in detail the main channels to start revenue online.

If you’re still making up your mind on where to begin or which channel to use, this course is perfect for you.

You will have complete knowledge and concrete help to understand what branch fits your character best.

Furthermore, the notions you will get on E-commerces, Cryptocurrencies, Trading, and Social Media will help you exchange and apply useful information between one topic and another.

Everything is possible with Digital Mind, the course that will make you a real mastermind.