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Without brand awareness…there is no brand at all.

The study of Social Marketing focuses on identifying and riding people’s trends for specific targeted areas.

Word of mouth is a pioneering marketing channel and, today, it turned into an online practice: 4.55 billion people use social media, representing a gigantic chunk of the global market.

 Those same people moved their purchasing habits online, making it fundamental to have Social Media knowledge.

In this course:

  • How to use the most important Social Media platforms to grow your business and convert.
  • Buyer Personas and localization.
  • Marketing Strategies for each platform.
  • Organic and sponsored

Don’t miss out on the current trends.


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Highly Qualified Trainer. Clear and straightforward lessons. Goal and result-oriented courses. For Beginners to become Pro and for Pro to become masters. Includes hints & tips of marketing strategies. Includes success cases examples. 5 stars average satisfaction rate.
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